" I really didn't know what to expect today regarding the Quoting Engine on the SMS website with all the Med Supp increases in premiums that were to take effect today, April 1.  I was amazed, all the changes with the companies were completed. You make the agent’s job much easier and I greatly appreciate it! Thanks again."

Greg Jenkins

"I want to thank you for all you do and continually staying in touch with me and updating me. I wanted to let you know I just signed up my first client on IAC through tele-app. This is by far the easiest app for both agent and client. Again thank you for everything."

Larry Foster

"Everybody went overboard to make us comfortable. We were surely treated like family. I understand even better now how you all are so successful."

Paul Burns

"I thought the entire presentation was outstanding. I really enjoyed it, even though I already knew the material he was delivering. Great webinar, professionally done, and well worthwhile. Thanks for inviting me. "

Ron Iverson

" I feel one of SMS' greatest strengths is their ability to connect with agents on a personal level, rather than being just another robot-type FMO."

Nathan Tinsley

"On behalf of our agency, we'd like you to know how helpful your service has been to us.  We are VERY thankful for your efficiency and ease of access.  You provide an invaluable service to us and save us hours of work! "

Betty Lewis