National Senior Sales Summit Day 2 Keynote Speaker Announced!!!

    Jones Loflin   Helping With The Struggle Of Too Much To Do So you may be thinking… I’m going to have a fantastic time at the 2018 National Senior Sales Summit, and will be returning to work with lots of new ideas for my professional and personal growth. […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on March 22, 2018

FREE eBook | Generating Referrals

How can I get more referrals? That is the exact question we are looking to answer in this guide. This guide is designed to spark some ideas for you to try in your practice. Will every method work for you? No. Will this take some trial and error? Yes. Which […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on March 19, 2018

Final Expense Sales Tools to Use in Every Appointment

Here you have it. Every tip, one liner, question, rebuttal, transition, and phrase that you need to incorporate a successful final expense campaign into every client presentation. If you haven’t yet learned about the need for every one of your clients to have a final expense policy, and the Legacy […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on March 13, 2018

Covering the 100% Risk Every Client Has

Did you know that the cost of an average funeral is upwards of $10,000? And that’s excluding costs of unpaid bills, lawyer or executor fees, travel expenses, time off work. It all adds up very quickly.   What about social security? Did you know that a $255 payment is all that […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on March 5, 2018

March – ‘Heart’ Your Kidneys Toolbox

When it comes to vital organs, hearts get all the love and kidneys get the short end of the stick. So, this March, National Kidney Month, we’re asking you to Heart Your Kidneys for a change! Make kidney health part of every conversations with the same urgency as heart disease, cancer or […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on March 1, 2018