The 2017 Annual Enrollment Period will be here before you know it. To help you plan for and thrive during this hectic time, we’ve put together a list of great (and free!) resources. Keep in mind: this list is by no means exhaustive. If you find yourself still needing assistance, give Senior Marketing Specialists a call. We’ve got an arsenal of tools and resources for you. Below are just the ones we currently have on display.


  1. Senior Marketing Specialists 2017 AEP Toolbox

    Holy AEP! This resource is a compilation of all the forms, walkthroughs, and links you need to survive AEP. It houses important information on compliance and detailed instructions for certifying and submitting business. No more searching for the correct fax cover sheet. No more confusion over AHIP. We’ve got your back. Click here to reveal the wonder that is the 2017 AEP Toolbox!

  2. Live Chat on SMSteam.net

    This feature allows you to contact one of our Marketers through an instant messaging system. It’s the perfect tool to use when you have a question, but can’t give us a call. In front of a client? Already on the phone? Hit us up on Live Chat! Visit smsteam.net and click the chat head in the bottom right corner of the homepage.

  3.  Medicare Plan Finder on Medicare.gov

    Help your clients find the best plans for their needs! Simply enter client information and the program will automatically show available plans. You can even save client drug lists and choose preferred pharmacies. To become more familiar with the program, check out this video walkthrough. Or click here to use Medicare Plan Finder!

  4. Senior Marketing Specialists Quote Engine

    While the SMS Quote Engine is an essential tool year round, our “Fill the Gaps” tool is perfect for AEP. This feature allows you to fill Medicare Advantage coverage gaps with a Hospital Indemnity plan. This cuts out-of-pocket costs for your clients. Here’s the perfect video walkthrough (Hint: “Fill the Gaps” tutorial starts at 12:00). Want to use the quote engine first hand? Click here to sign in or request an account!

  5. Medicare and You Handbook

    This CMS publication is the senior insurance agent’s bible. Not only does it outline important dates and costs, but it gives detailed descriptions on all things Medicare. It’s the perfect teaching aid for appointments! Your clients will be at ease when you use a publication they recognize and trust. How do I get a Medicare and You book? You’ve got a few options. Click here for the 2016 online PDF version, give us a call and we’ll send you a physical copy, or pick one up at your local Social Security office!

  6. SMS AEP Planning Guide

    Our 2017 AEP Toolbox includes the AEP Planning Guide. BUT it’s such an awesome tool that we had to give it its own section! SMS Training Director, Mike Gattorna, created a guide just for you based on his years of experience as a field agent. Check out this downloadable version to help you plan for AEP.

  7. Hospital Indemnity Webinar and Whitepaper

    As you know, Hospital Indemnity and Medicare Advantage are the PB&J of senior insurance. Pairing them together cuts cost for your clients and increases profit for you. Pretty sweet deal, right? Not if you don’t know how to sell Hospital Indemnity plans! Let us help. To learn more about HIP, check out this recorded webinar and downloadable whitepaper. Or give us a call today to ask questions and get contracted! 800-689-2800.

  8. SMS Strategy Session

    With AEP fast approaching, now is a great time to take a look at your business plan. SMS offers one-on-one strategy meetings to contracted agents to ensure they are getting the most from their marketing, appointment, and overall business models. Call today to set up a strategy session in our office, your office, or over the phone! 800-689-2800.

  9. Agent Guide to Marketing in the Medicare Arena

    This publication has everything an independent agent in the senior market needs to know about prospecting and referrals. While there are heavy marketing restrictions on Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans, remember that AEP is a busy season for Medicare Supplements as well! Find tons of helpful marketing tips and tricks in this quick read. Click here to get your copy!

  10. talkingMEDICARE with Mangus

    Written weekly by SMS National Sales Director, Dan Mangus, talkingMEDICARE is full of market updates, insurance insight, new product information, and other helpful goodies. As you prepare for AEP, stay up to date on the senior market with talkingMEDICARE in your inbox every Monday! Click here to start receiving our newsletter.


That’s 10 awesome tools and 12 different links to help you conquer the next few months! Now you are fully equipped to take on AEP like a champ. With these free resources and Senior Marketing Specialists at your side, there’s nothing you can’t handle.


To learn more, get contracted, or schedule a strategy session, give us a call today!


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