We know you’ve heard of the SMS Quote Engine. If not, check it out immediately. Our Quote Engine makes our agents’ lives easier with fast processing, accurate rates, and many extra features. We’ve noticed, despite our agents’ appreciation for the quotes, they sometimes fail to notice all those awesome added features. These extras, we feel, are actually the best part. If you love our quote engine, you’ll be blown away after learning everything you can do with it.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About the SMS Quote Engine

1. Download Rate Change Reports

Forget digging through emails and searching carrier websites to learn about upcoming rate changes. Instead, download these reports straight from the SMS Quote Engine!

2. Personalize Quotes with Your Information and Logo

For a professional and cohesive look, add your company information and a head shot or logo to any and all quotes! Print these for your clients so they have your contact information and their quotes all in one place.

3. Personalize Quotes with Clients’ Information

In addition to adding your information to quotes, you can also include your client’s. Make them feel extra special by personalizing a quote print out with their name.

4. Apply Household Discounts

Don’t worry about calculating household discounts yourself. The SMS Quote Engine allows you to filter out plans that don’t have a HHD. It will also apply discounts automatically based on your search preferences.

5. Underwriting Conditions

Does your client have a pre-existing condition? Choose from the expansive list of conditions to personalize your search to their specific situation. This way, only plans that are compatible with your client’s health status will load in the search.

6. Application Fees

No surprises here. If there is an application fee associated with a plan, our Quote Engine tells you how much it is right there under the listed premium.

7. Fill the Gaps Tool

Pair a Medicare Advantage plan with a Hospital Indemnity plan to completely cover your client. Our Fill the Gaps tool makes this process simple and totals up the client’s combined monthly premium automatically. Also choose to add ambulance, cancer, and other riders!

8. Side-by-Side Comparison

Choose up to three plans of any type to compare side-by-side. Say your client is struggling with the choice between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage. Show them the plan details side-by-side to help them decide. Additionally, this cuts down on the “noise” that can occur while scrolling through a long list of plans in your area.

9. Just Your Companies

Don’t have all the companies offered by Senior Marketing Specialists? You can choose to only have the companies you are contracted with to appear in your quotes. This way, your clients can’t ask for a plan you don’t offer!

10. iOS and Android Application

Not only can you quote in your web browser, but you can also download the SMS Quote Engine smartphone app to quote on the go and offline! Learn about the app details and how to download here!


Just think about how much easier these little features will make your life. Imagine having a centralized site for all your quoting and rate needs. Think about the added customer service you can provide your clients! Pretty cool, huh? We think so, too. So what are you waiting for? Start trying out your favorite features. Pretty soon you won’t be able to live without them.


For questions, contracting, and quote engine access, contact us! (800) 689-2800

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