2019 Humana Product & Benefit Preview:

  1. Visit the Medicare Advantage section of our Products page by clicking here
  2. Scroll down to the Carrier selection box and select Humana (leave the state selection blank). Click Submit.
  3. Click Humana Medicare Advantage under the Product heading
  4. Click 2019 Humana MA Benefit Preview under Available Product Forms
  5. Review the information, and on Page 5 of the preview click your state for plan details specific to your region


2019 Certification:


How to Complete 2018 Medicare Recertification

How to Transfer AHIP Scores

Face to face training is only required for initial certifications, not re-certifications. To find a face to face training time go to: https://www.humana.com/about/marketpoint-sales-office-locations/, you will filter down to the correct state and find an office near you. You will have to call the desired location of your choice to see when the next training is!

Certification deadline: Information Coming Soon

Is your browser compatible? Click Here to run the tool.

AHIP Video Walkthrough – How to access AHIP (without carrier sponsorship)


SOA Form:

2019 Humana Scope of Appointment Information

2018 Humana Scope of Appointment Information


General Information

2018 Agent Sales Guide

Vision Discount Card


Provider/Drug Lookup

Provider Lookup

Dentist Lookup



2018 Humana CMS Approved Presentations

2018 Humana compliant videos for Medicare Advantage / PDP  – Sign in, then under the Sales & Marketing heading and then under the Medicare heading click on 2018 Sales Presentation Videos and Medicare PPT Presentations and Sales Brochures. From there choose the presentation you want to download