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Here are some of the top requested services and tools from the Summit

Handouts from the Summit App

All handouts can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MeqDGILI9V1y3IfE-yFnAQVOx6CbsWjC

  • Map: Where Senior Marketing Specialists is Expanding Their MA Footprint in 2020
  • Customizable Agent Press Release
  • 2019 Medicare & You Agent Walkthrough (from Medicare Café)
  • Advisor Resources Links (from Breakout “Advisor Resources: Using Medicare, Industry, & SMS Tools”)
  • Building a Referral Program (from Breakout “Profit: Begin with Referrals and End with Retention”)
  • Carrier Marketing Materials (from Breakout “Managing Your Marketing System”)
  • Links & Resources (from Breakout “Managing Your Marketing System”)
  • Top 5 Compliance Tips (from Breakout “Crushing Compliance”)
  • Rock Star Seminars (from Breakout “Promoting & Hosting Successful Seminars”)
  • Unregistered Seminar Checklist (from Breakout “Promoting & Hosting Successful Seminars”)
  • VA MO Referral Form to Connect Veterans to VSO (from Breakout “Helping Clients Understand and Utilize VA Benefits”)
  • Veterans Benefits Resources (from Breakout “Helping Clients Understand and Utilize VA Benefits”)

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