2019 Certification:

2019 Silverscript Certification Walkthrough Video

Certification Portal: https://www.silverscriptagentportal.com

To transfer over your AHIP to Silverscript you will need your NPN number and password. AHIP is not required, but if taken will be accepted as credit for the following courses:

  • 2019 Medicare Overview for Contracted Agents
  • 2019 Compliance Course for Contracted Agents
  • CMS Required Compliance and FWA Training

2019 Recertification Deadline for Renewals: December 7th, 2018

AHIP Video Walkthrough – How to access AHIP (without carrier sponsorship)


2018 Certification:

Certification Portal: https://www.silverscriptagentportal.com

Transfer over your AHIP to Silverscript: You will need your NPN number and password. Click here to get started: http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/clients/silverscript

2018 Silverscript Certification Walkthrough Video (Password: ss2018)

2018 Silverscript Certification Walkthrough

Applications & Submission:

COMING SOON – 2019 Silverscript Fax Cover Sheet to SMS Enrollment

2018 Silverscript Fax Cover Sheet to SMS Enrollment

How to Electronically Submit Your Application (Required)

IPad App Enrollment

How to Check Application Status

SOA Form:

2018 Silverscript Scope of Appointment Form

COMING SOON  – 2019 Silverscript Scope of Appointment Form

General Information:

SilverScript Agent Portal

Silverscript Contact Numbers

Provider and Formulary Look Up:

SilverScript Formulary and Pharmacy Locator

Events, Presentations, and Materials:

Submitting Sales and Marketing Events