A quick reminder before AEP selling starts: CMS has released some new rules and regulations for CY2020. 


Scope of Appointment Forms (SOA)

Most carriers do not require the submission of SOA forms with applications.  However, agents are still responsible for keeping documentation of SOA forms for 10 years.

48 Hour Rule Updates:

SOA forms can now be signed at the beginning of the appointment, rather than needing to be signed 48 hours in advance.


Educational Events

Educational events do not need to be reported with most carriers.  Agents are still responsible for tracking all educational events performed.

Agents may also pass out business cards, contact information, and SOA forms at educational events.

NEW:  Agents can now conduct an individual marketing/sales appointment after the educational event concludes.


Questions on CMS updates or compliance?

Give us a call at 800-689-2800. 


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