2021 NAIFA Congressional Conference

A Special Invitation from Senior Marketing Specialists

Senior Marketing Specialists supports NAIFA through membership. We invite everyone to get involved in protecting your business this year through participation in NAIFA’s annual Congressional Conference. The two-day event will provide advisors with policy insight as to current legislation and its possible effects and provide training to help you get more involved in advocacy to better protect your business.

The Congressional Conference bolsters NAIFA’s prestige among lawmakers and industry partners and enhances the association’s standing as the leading voice for agents and advisors. It helps lawmakers understand NAIFA members’ role in:

  • Providing products, services, and advice that improve the financial security of 90 million American families.

  • Promoting financial literacy and self-sufficiency.

  • Strengthening the economy and contributing to the financial health of U.S. communities.

  • Representing the best interests of their clients and promoting the success of Main Street Americans and businesses.

Having a strong contingent from Senior Marketing Specialists participating is important not just for us as a partner with NAIFA but also for your own business.

2021 NAIFA Congressional Conference

Thank You for Supporting NAIFA

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2021 NAIFA Congressional Conference

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