5 Star Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

The 5-star Special Enrollment Period (SEP), runs from December 8th to November 30th, and allows people to switch from their current Medicare plan to a plan with a 5-star rating. This SEP can only be used once during the year (Dec 8th – Nov 30th), but switching from a 5-star plan to another 5-star plan in the client’s area is allowed.

5-star Plans Can Be 

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The 5-star Special Enrollment Period presents several marketing opportunities for Medicare agents:

  • an additional enrollment period for your clients with MA and PDP sales opportunities outside of AEP
  • opportunity to discuss better coverage with a higher quality plan and distinguish yourself as an advisor, not just a salesman
  • this offers an additional touchpoint for your clients, showing them you’re always thinking of their best interests
  • proactive contact with your client that can encourage retention

Need to see what plans are available in your client’s area? Check out the CMS Landscapes here. Need help navigating the landscapes? Go to our AEP Toolkit for a MA and PDP Landscape walkthrough video. Need more help? We’re here for you, give us a call at 1-800-689-2800 or live chat with a knowledgeable specialist at smsteam.net

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