While we think we’re pretty awesome, we understand many agents have multiple contracts with multiple uplines and FMO’s.  It’s the name of the game in being an independently contracted insurance agent. So whether you have chosen to partner with Senior Marketing Specialists or any FMO or brokerage in the industry or are still considering which FMO to work with, there are key things you should be getting from that relationship


  1. Top commissions paid direct from the carriers with no assignment of commission. You are an independent agent and business owner and should be paid full commission, with room to advance and full vesting from day 1.
  2. Open release policy. All parties should be in agreement that sometimes things just don’t work out. Methods, systems, personalities sometimes don’t mesh and you should not be held to a relationship that doesn’t work for you.
  3. Free access to multi-line quote engine. Make sure it does more than just quote Medicare Supplements. You should also be able to access underwriting data and rate increase history, as well as print off custom client illustrations with add-on products to each quote.
  4. A live person to answer eligibility and enrollment questions, as well as contacting carriers on your behalf. Time is money and your time is best spent with clients, not on hold with carriers. If you are meeting with a client and need help, you should have a live person to talk to and get an answer you can count on.
  5. Free personalized marketing materials. You are an agent, not a graphic designer. Leave the personalization of your postcards, business cards, flyers, and newsletters to the professionals.
  6. Social Media marketing training. 62% of seniors online use Facebook. Make sure they are finding you and that your FMO can help you with creation, best practices, media, and content to use on your business page.
  7. Business coach. Being independent should not mean being without help, make sure you have someone you can turn to for marketing, financial, hiring, and growth strategy.


These are just a few things to consider when working to maximize your partnership with your FMO. If you are FMO shopping, or you don’t even know who your FMO is, we would love to the opportunity to see if we might be a good fit for you and your business. Our #1 goal is to help you succeed in the senior market. In addition to all 7 of the items above, we like to think we have a lot to offer to the success of our agent partners.


  1. Our staff. Let’s repeat that. Our staff. You will not find a group of people anywhere with any company that is more committed, passionate, empathetic, creative, brilliant, and has one motive in mind every day – to help the agent be as successful as possible.
  2. Our training. Whether you’re new to the business (we bring in more people to the senior market from other industries than any other FMO), or an experienced pro – we have daily, weekly, and monthly sessions built just for YOU. Classroom training or one-on-one training. We got that. Our training leaders are industry renowned and sought after by agents, agencies, brokerages, carriers and even competitors and industry peers. Other FMO’s send their agents to our training school when they have someone new. Some of the top agents in our industry still come to our training and refresher courses. If you want to continue to dominate in your chosen field – continuous sharpening of your saw is a necessity.
  3. Our marketing partnerships. Through our Agent Marketing Portfolio (AMP) program, we build newsletters everyday for our agents, create branding items, order business cards, create social media and on-line presence and all of this at ZERO cost to our agents.
  4. Back office support teams. Your job is hard. We get that. Your job is lonely. We get that. You only get paid if everything is submitted correctly. We get that. You need to know the answer you’re getting from carriers is 100% correct. We get that. Let our teams be that life-line for you.
  5. Our trips and councils. We take our top agents and agencies on an adventure to a new destination every year, from Clearwater beach, to the mountains in upstate New York, the Vegas strip to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park and everywhere in between. These agents and agencies are hand-picked to sit on our advisory council panel and have proven production records, community involvement, compliance performance, growth potential and an overall standard of excellence in all they do.
  6. One-on-one strategy sessions. Our team of professionals can be the difference maker you’ve been looking for. If you just want a contract, there are lots of places to get those. But, if you want a partner in YOUR business that has YOUR best interest in mind, you only have one choice. Whether you’re in the senior insurance market as a new agent or a seasoned pro, our Sales Directors are trained to analyze your business and give you real, tangible ways you can grow your marketshare. Think of it as a real in the trenches approach to business building.
  7. The National Senior Sales Summit. Each year, hundreds of people flock to the biggest event in the senior insurance industry. Every carrier, every vendor, every lead company, every top salesperson, and every marketing and branding expert will be there to help agents learn and grow, find out about new resources, and network with all the top people in our industry. Will you be there?


Still not sure which FMO to choose? Don’t take it from us, take it from agents just like you all across the nation.


Senior Marketing Specialists has no equal! SMS is my go to team for all things Medicare as well as other senior products. Most importantly, partnering with SMS has add significant revenue to my bottom line. Don’t know where I would be without SMS.

You and your team have done more for me than any other FMO. Next year I am planning on getting licensed in other states and you have been very helpful and informative. I like that you have provided a newsletter that I can share with my clients and the quote engine makes my job a lot easier. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner.

Senior Marketing Specialists is always open to share ideas to grow my business. I’ve never been involved with a FMO that offers the level of training, a dedicated representative, and the sharing of information that SMS offers to help me and my team succeed.


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