Contests are an incredible part of being an insurance agent. Unfortunately, most independent agents don’t think they are capable of qualifying for trips and bonuses. We are here to tell you that, with a little help, we believe you can do it!


You’ve Got This

The truth is, here at Senior Marketing Specialists, we have seen plenty of “Average Joe” agents earn enough to put them on that plane or boat. Not to say you or any of our agents are average, but sometimes it’s difficult for an independent agent or small agency owner to realize their own potential.

We’ve got all the training and services to help you get there. All you have to do is take our resources, ideas, and advice and run with them. Plus, the busiest time of the year for Medicare Advantage AND Medicare Supplements is right around the corner! (Hint: It’s AEP.)

If you think you have a chance, even an inkling, that you could qualify for one of the below contests, give us a call! We will do everything in our power to help you do so.


Contests and Opportunities

Click the links below for more information or visit our contest page!


Note: Keep in mind that we, at Senior Marketing Specialists, are not miracle workers. While we want you to qualify for every trip possible, there’s only so much we can do. Ultimately, it all comes down to your hard work and dedication!


Call us today to learn more, get contracted, and see how close you are to qualifying for a contest! 800-689-2800.

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