Kalia Hill

Director of First Impressions

How did you get here?

I am born and raised here in good ole Columbia, MO. I have 3 great children, 16 year old twin boys and a 10 year old daughter.

I was fortunate enough to get hired with this wonderful company through some mutual friends working at the office building right next door to SMS. I literally just walked next door and interviewed with JoAnn!

What is your favorite part of working at SMS?

The freedom to express any idea you have and them taking it and running with it. Here at SMS there is no such thing as a bad idea.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my kids, family, and friends. I love to cook and be out doors on the trails. I love to sit and read although I haven’t had much time for that lately.

What can you help agents with?

Whatever it is I can!! You call, I try to get you the best answer to your question by getting you in touch with the right person as soon as possible!

What should your job title be?

That is a great question .. but a hard one. I am just that person in the office that people come to with a little bit of everything especially if it has to do with anything in our office directly. I would just have to say my self – assigned title would be: “ The Master of Smiles”