Our Agent Care and Encouragement (ACE) program focuses on you, the independent agent, and your well-being! That’s why we extend this invitation to you during AEP: Stay active! Senior Marketing Specialists is passionate about maintaining good physical and mental health. So much so that it’s not uncommon to find us on walking breaks or at a standing desk. Every Friday, check out an ACE post for encouragement to pay special attention to an aspect of your well-being. If you are thriving, so will your business.


The Benefits of Being an Active Agent

This week’s focus is staying active. The article Fitness: Getting and Staying Active – Why Should You Be More Active? from WebMD highlights the benefits of physical fitness. While we urge you to get moving, we know you are extremely busy. That’s why we aren’t encouraging a rigorous workout routine or a personal trainer. We only hope you remember to, at least, give yourself a break and stretch your legs throughout the day. All it takes is a short walk each day to start seeing the benefits of staying active!

Article Summary:

  • Staying active helps you handle stress and fight disease.
  • Those who stay active have stronger muscles and better coordination.
  • Being active burns calories.
  • More activity improves overall quality of life.


How SMS Can Help

It would be unreasonable, and probably extremely annoying, for us to remind you to give yourself a break every day. Instead, let SMS help by taking some tasks off your list so you are able to have more time to get active. Here are some things SMS is happy to take care of!

  • Your Retirement Plan: The SMS Agent Road 2 Retirement program allows you to set up an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Because most agents don’t have retirement plans through an employer, SMS created a program for you. You may even qualify for a contribution from us! Available states: MO, IA, IL, KS, CO, GA, NE, & TX.
  • Your Marketing Pieces: Senior Marketing Specialists’ customizable marketing material, the Agent Marketing Portfolio program, is free to all our contracted agents. AMP gives you freedom to personalize pieces with your information and logo while maintaining cohesive and professional material.
  • Your Administrative Training: Do you have non-agent office staff? Let us host in-person or online trainings to help them become more familiar with Medicare, carriers, and more. Call us for details!
  • Your AEP Questions: With AEP “just” around the corner (it’s literally tomorrow), we know you may have last minute questions. And we want to answer them! Give us a call, send us an email, hire a carrier pigeon, or come take a walking break with us! Any way we can get you answers, we will.


For questions or additional assistance and tips, contact us!



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