To continue our Agent Care and Encouragement (ACE) program, Senior Marketing Specialists wants to urge you to stay hydrated this AEP season. We  know you care about your business. That’s why we want you to be in top shape and able to get the most out of Annual Enrollment Period. Look for an ACE post every Friday as a reminder to put your body and mind first! After all, if you aren’t feeling good, neither is your business.


Why Aren’t you Drinking More Water?

This week’s topic focuses on the importance of drinking water. The article, 15 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water, written by Jeff Behar on MuscleMagFitness.com, is a testament to the positive effects proper hydration has on our bodies. There’s a lot more to it than quenching thirst. SMS believes in the power of drinking water so much, that we implemented an office-wide goal to drink at least 32 ounces during the work day. And we encourage you to create a similar goal!

Article Summary

  • Water improves skin, tooth, and bone health.
  • You can increase energy, weight loss, and muscle mass and tone by drinking more water.
  • Water also reduces fatigue, joint pain, fluid retention, and risk of disease.

Read the article here for a detailed description of these benefits!


How SMS Can Help

While we can’t remind you to drink water everyday, we can give you a few things to consider with your new-found energy!

  • Ancillary Products: If you haven’t yet contracted with final expense or hospital indemnity companies, let us know! You are missing out on significant profit. Profit that could be earned in the same appointment as a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage sale.
  • Social Media: Online platforms are becoming more and more important to agents. There are people searching for services you offer every day and if you aren’t online, well, you’re opting out of potential sales. If you are interested in starting or sprucing up social media sites, check out our social media page or give us a call!
  • AEP Coffee Break: Every Tuesday from 10:00 – 10:30, Senior Marketing Specialists’ Mike Gattorna hosts an open discussion focused on AEP. Give your self a short break, grab some coffee (or water!), and join us with your questions and comments in a laid back atmosphere. Interested? Register here!


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