We know your schedule is busy, but we don’t want that to get in the way of eating meals. The SMS Agent Care and Encouragement (ACE) program focuses on helping you maintain a healthy mind and body. This not only makes you feel better, but helps your business too! This week’s topic covers the dangers of skipping meals. Join us next Friday for more wellness information and ways Senior Marketing Specialists can help!


Why You Should Stop Skipping Meals

While it can be tempting to skip breakfast or lunch to get caught up at work, there are many reason this is a bad idea. The article, 7 reasons you should not skip meals (EVER!), written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti on thehealthsite.com, explains these reasons in depth. The easy-to-read article walks you through how skipping meals affects your body. We urge you to read the full article, but you can also view some major highlights below.


Skipping meals…

  1. Changes your blood sugar levels
  2. Affects your mood and concentration
  3. Alters your metabolism
  4. Increases your risk of diabetes
  5. Lowers your nutritional intake
  6. Affects your blood pressure
  7. Causes indigestion problems


How SMS Can Help

We can’t make sure you eat every meal everyday. But we can do a few things that will give you more time to do so! Below are some services offered by Senior Marketing Specialists.

Medicare Cafe: Take a break to eat breakfast or a snack every Tuesday at 10am. Not only will you learn about topics such as Medicare, selling, marketing, and products, you will also get a break from your busy schedule. In just 3o minutes, you can come away from the webinar with a full belly and more knowledge about your business. Register HERE!

Post AEP Help: With the 2017 AEP season wrapping up (Yay!), it’s time to start planning your post AEP strategy. To discover the best plan for you, contact your marketer, join our First Quarter Success webinar,  come to the Post AEP New Agent School, or do all three! We want you to take full advantage of follow-ups, referrals, and more!

Retirement Planning: Regardless of when you think you will retire, it’s never too early to start planning. Because most SMS contracted agents don’t have an employer-sponsored retirement fund, we started the Road 2 Retirement program. You can now create an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and may even qualify for contributions from SMS!


For additional support, tips, and questions, contact us!


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