First off, if you didn’t get the low down on what AEP 365 is then click here and we’ll explain it to you real quick.

Q1 January / February / March

Assuming you just went through AEP, you need to contact your new clients, for numerous reasons:

Retention & Referrals

Keeping your name and services top-of-mind is vital if you want your clients to call you with concerns or questions (rather than another agent) or to make sure your clients are telling their friends and family about you.
Making this content should be part of your usual operating procedure. Before you leave your current appointment, your next appointment or point-of-contact should be scheduled. This will make it easier for you to get back in front of your clients with less resistance.

Example: You finish an appointment where you enrolled the beneficiary into a Medicare Supplement policy. A couple months go by with no contact from you. Then you reach out with a call to revisit the client. They may think you are only going to meet with them to sell them more insurance or services. This can get you a “mail me some information” or “I am busy, don’t worry about it” from your client.

However, if those same two months go by and the client receives a post card in the mail reminding them of the upcoming appointment (that you already explained is routine with all your clients) to review their coverage and any additional benefits, they are more likely to keep the appointment and meet with you.

This is also a great time to remind them you can not only be their trusted advisor, but a trusted advisor to their friends and family.


Facebook Agent Connect

Make sure you are connecting with your clients on Facebook! Senior Marketing Specialists has an exclusive group for our agents to join for content, images, videos, and more. Click here to join the SMS Agent Connect Facebook group.


Additional Sales

While you met with your clients in AEP, they may have brought up other concerns which you were not permitted to discuss due to CMS rules and regulations. Now that AEP is over and you are not there to offer them a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan, you may discuss other lines of coverage such as:

  • Life Insurance
  • Home Healthcare
  • Cancer Policies
  • Short / Long Term Care

You can also discuss Hospital Indemnity and Dental/Vision /Hearing plans again if you did so at their AEP appointment.

It is your responsibility to make your clients aware of what coverage options are available to them. So, let them know!


AEP List

With the creation of AEP, Medicare beneficiaries with a Medicare Advantage plan or drug plan now have the same enrollment window each year. This makes it easier for agents to prospect since we do not have to worry about varying times of enrollment for different people. AEP is the same for everyone.

You should have a running list of prospects you are going to call next AEP. This can consist of prospects who did not purchase from you last AEP and ongoing prospects throughout the year. Once  October 1st hits, you can start to call all your prospects and remind them it is time to review their coverage for the following year!

Keep this list active all year!

Compliance Warnings!

  • You cannot advertise AEP or the following year’s benefits until October 1st.
  • Make sure you document permission to contact in AEP with all your prospects.




If you didn’t go through AEP and are just entering in the senior market, guess what; your clients and prospects just went through AEP. You can reach out to prospects and do coverage reviews, offer additional lines of coverage that would pair with their current plans.

Example: Do you have new coverage this year? Make sure your hospital benefit is up to date as well! (For Hospital Indemnity plans)

The great news is you’ve found this guide, and can start your adventure into the senior market off on the right track.



In summary, get started right away with the new year in your AEP planning. We all deserve a little break after a stressful year. But that time has passed. Now is the time to set the precedent for the rest of your year. What do you want your year to look like? Now is the time to decide.



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