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From October 1st through October 14th, you can set your appointments, contact clients, talk about next year’s benefits and AEP, but you cannot accept an application.
Once October 15th arrives, you can take applications!


AEP Action Plan

  • Mail out your letters on 10/1 and start calling on them!
  • Start setting your appointments and filling in your calendar.
  • Your email newsletter should emphasize AEP and clients should be looking out for a letter and, possibly, a call from you.
  • Your professional partners should be letting their clients know it is AEP and to reach out to you for assistance.
  • Perform your seminars (if applicable).
  • Let your clients know you can help their family and friends by leaving extra business cards and send them hand written thank you cards after each appointment.
  • Tag your appointments on Facebook (with their permission) thanking them for allowing you to assist them in their Medicare decisions.

There may be additional activities you are performing as well, depending on what marketing, partnerships, and other opportunities you created throughout the year. The more activity you have, the more enrollments you will facilitate.


“But my book of business is so large I am not sure I can contact all my clients!”

If you have a larger book of business, contacting all your clients can seem overwhelming. Here are some options to consider:

Hire an Intern / Seasonal Help

You could hire a part time / intern / seasonal person to do the initial phone calls to your clients. This tends to be most effective when contacting clients who you are looking to keep in the same plan. If the person you have doing this for you is not licensed, they cannot talk about benefits, so telling people to stay where theyare already familiar with their coverage.

Client Seminars

You could have client seminars to discuss a new plan that is available to your clients. This way you are talking to multiple people at once in a central location rather than trying to have multiple different appointments. Plus, this is a great way to have your clients bring some friends (referrals). This also works for a smaller book of business.

Those two options seem to be the most effective for larger books of business.


Other AEP Considerations

Medicare Supplements

While AEP is designed for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, many still believe they can change their Medicare Supplement as well. This is true as they can change their Medicare Supplement anytime, however, they may still have to pass through underwriting.

Last Application Wins

In AEP, clients can complete as many applications for coverage they choose. This, of course is not recommended, but there are no rules saying otherwise. The last application they client completes will be the one that goes into effect on January 1st.

Call You

If you have a client that has a question about benefits, coverage, or anything else, make sure you advise your clients you are the first point of contact. Should the client choose to call the carrier or Medicare direct with coverage or network questions, this may count as an infraction against you.

After December 7th

You may receive a call after December 7th from a Medicare beneficiary who would like to change plans. Remember from January 1st through February 14th Medicare beneficiaries can leave their Medicare Advantage plans and return to original Medicare. This does not provide them with a guarantee issue period into a Medicare supplement. They will still have to pass through underwriting.


And then is starts all over again…

Once January 1st begins, it is time to start all over again. However, each year, as you grow, you will find you are starting to balance out your prospecting with servicing your clients and receiving more referrals. While you should never stop prospecting, you will find it becomes easier.

In various studies, it has been expressed retaining your clients is anywhere from 8-10xs more cost effective than obtaining new ones. Always remember that your clients are another agent’s prospect.

In addition, Senior Marketing Specialists has numerous resources to help you grow and retain your book of business.

  • Provide additional training and educational opportunities
  • Contract you with the most competitive carriers
  • Support you and your office staff
  • Create marketing plans
  • Social media ideas
  • Industry leading quote engine
  • And more…


Contact your Senior Marketing Specialists today for anything and everything you need assistance with this AEP. You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back! 1-800-689-2800

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