News Flash: We are in the final week of AEP! It’s hard to believe the 2017 Annual Enrollment Period is already wrapping up (don’t lie, we know you’re secretly relieved). To help you tie up those final strings, we put together some quick AEP last week push ideas. Senior Marketing Specialists has your back when it comes to AEP success!


AEP Last Week Push Ideas

1. Follow up on Leads

Remind clients they have only until next Wednesday (December 7th) to make their annual election for 2017. Call them, email them, or hire a skywriter. Anything goes in the AEP last week push.

2. Send out Thank You Cards

Send out thank you cards to all new clients and current clients who have changed plans. This is a great start or continuation of your agent-client relationships.

3. Check Your Applications

Make sure every application has been or is being processed by the carrier. Don’t let an application slip through the cracks! If you need help tracking down troublesome apps, give us a call! 800-689-2800

4. Review Your Notes

Maybe you told a client you were going to do something, but haven’t gotten around to it. Better late than never! Double checking that you have fulfilled your promises shows your clients you care.


Senior Marketing Specialists wants you to get the most out of this AEP. We hope these last-minute tips are helpful and we encourage you to take full advantage of the week to come!


For questions, additional ideas, and other last-minute help, contact us! (800) 689-2800

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