In preparation for Aetna’s transition to a new contracting system, they are closing their current contracting system, Nomoreforms, on June 2. Please note that Aetna will finish processing complete contracts submitted through nomoreforms as of June 2.

What you need to know:

  • Any submitted contracts that are “on hold” pending completion of certification (“pend for cert” status) will be rejected on June 3.
  • If these agents wish sell Aetna MA/MAPD products in the future, you’ll need to send them an onboarding invitation through the new contracting system, which becomes available June 17.
  • To avoid rejection, these agents must complete 2019 Aetna Medicare producer certification by May 31.

As a reminder, agents are not “ready to sell” Aetna MA/MAPD products until all requirements are complete (contracting, certification, etc.) and they receive an email confirming their ready-to-sell status.

For help completing certifications, please call SMS at 800-689-2800 or check out our Toolkit for certification walkthroughs.

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