It’s that time of year again! As AEP and the coming year approaches, you have the ever-dreaded responsibility of completing 2018 certifications. “But it’s only July!” is a common rebuttal we hear from agents, “AEP doesn’t start until October.” True, yes. But we’re thinking about how our agents need to certify, order supplies, create a marketing plan, and familiarize themselves with 2018 plan benefits. All before AEP rolls around. This is why we tend to reply, “You mean it’s already July!” No need to worry, though. You can find pretty much everything you need to know about 2018 certifications here and if you happen to still have questions, give us a call!


2018 AHIP Medicare + FWA Training

What Is AHIP?

AHIP, America’s Health Insurance Plans, provides a comprehensive Medicare and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training to keep you current and sharp in the field. You can transfer these scores to carrier-specific certifications to satisfy some of the requirements, which keeps you from doubling up on similar tests!

How Do I Certify?

Watch the AHIP Certification Video to see a walk through by Matt Bietsch, SMS Agent Support Director. Click the link in the header to get started!

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Discounts: UnitedHealthcare, Aetna/Coventry, and Humana will provide a $50 AHIP discount if you certify through their portals. This makes the price $125 rather than $175.

Office Staff Training: Agents aren’t the only ones who have to know what’s up! Check out CMS FWA training for your office staff or call us to learn more!


Aetna/Coventry Certifications

How Do I Certify?

Click the link above to begin. If you need help, give us a call!

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Market Training: If you plan to sell Medicare Advantage or MAPD, you are required to attend a market-specific training for all states and markets in which you intend to sell these products. Register at www.AetnaMedicareAgentTraining.com. We know it’s cumbersome, but remember, this is a requirement outlined in the Aetna Medicare Producer Guide.


UnitedHealthcare Certifications

What is UHC?

Only the largest Medicare Supplement provider in the nation, harnessing the power of the AARP brand!

How Do I Certify?

Click the link above to start. Jarvis, UnitedHealthcare’s new online training program may seem a little unfamiliar. If you have any trouble, let us know. The login is different, but the certification process remains the same!

Anything Else I Need to Know?

AHIP Not Required: UHC doesn’t require the AHIP, but it will transfer and satisfy the Medicare Basics, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans portion of the certification.

Important:  You must transfer your AHIP completion BEFORE accessing the UHC training.  Failure to do so will result in a rejected AHIP score.  After completion go to the home page and click – transmit to UHC.

Pre-Ordering Supplies: Pre-order 2018 Enrollment Kits August 19th – September 3rd

Pre-Ordering Marketing Material: Pre-order Marketing Materials on the Toolkit July 31st – August 11th


Humana Certifications

How do I Certify?

Check out this super detailed guide from Humana.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

How to Transfer AHIP Scores: Learn how to transfer you AHIP with this handy dandy walk through.

Compatible Browsers: Google Chrome is not a supported browser. However, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari or Firefox are acceptable. Run this tool to make sure your browser is compatible with the training.

Deadline: The certification completion deadline is November 30th, 2017.


When in doubt, ask! We’re happy to explain 2018 certifications to you. All you need to do is dial (800) 689-2800!


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