At Senior Marketing Specialists, the Medicare FMO that does more, we provide independent agents with Medicare tools and services that enable them to thrive in the senior marketplace.

We’ve made it easy for independent agents to do business this AEP. In our AEP Toolkit, you will find all your marketing resources, certification walkthroughs, and tools in one easy to access spot!

Hospital Indemnity plans fit nicely with nearly every health insurance coverage, from MA’s to Group, or even stand alone. Check out our Hospital Indemnity Sales Kit consisting of client letters and transitions statements.

Our “CARE Initiative” is about more than just selling cancer insurance. We are raising awareness about a cancer diagnosis’s impact on people’s lives—providing resources to you as the agent and to your clients who might receive this devastating diagnosis.

We understand the power of social media. Be sure to utilize our sales tools to help navigate and develop your online presence from setup to content cultivation and everything in between.

The dual eligible market is vastly under-worked in regards to insurance marketing. Agents aware of this need a unique set of tools in order to develop a strategy to leverage this untapped market.

Final Expense is an insurance policy that every client will eventually use. This kit includes every transition, rebuttal, and phrase that you need to incorporate a successful final expense campaign into every client presentation.

In past years virtual selling trends have grown—with nearly 75% of insurance sold being transacted over the phone and through the internet. In 2020 virtual sales were catapulted forward at an exponential rate in response to COVID-19. Those who adapt to this virtual sales environment will find true success in the industry. Below you’ll find resources to help you navigate a virtual world.

Holding seminars is one of the most effective ways to gain new business; however, with worries of compliance, many agents hesitate to capitalize on the opportunity. Our seminars-in-a-box are compliance scrubbed and ready to use.

Studies show that 87% of seniors would prefer to receive medical treatment at home. In our Home Healthcare toolkit, you will find transition phrases, rebuttals, client letters, and resources to launch a successful Home Healthcare campaign.

Medicare plans and major medical plans often have certain gaps that can leave retirees and their families responsible for out-of-pocket costs such as dental work. Dental insurance policies can help reduce, or eliminate, these costs.

Looking to start or add to your current seminar program?  Senior Marketing Specialists has pre-made seminars available to you to download and use!

Check out our simple guide to help get your name out in the community and keep you at the top of your customers minds.

Senior Marketing Specialists’ Capital Calculator

Whether you’re contemplating selling your book of business or just want to stay informed about the value of your agency, our calculator is here to help. This free tool can give you the insight you need to plan your next move.

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