Agent Update Memo - November 2020

Below you will find new trainings and information both from Senior Marketing Specialists and the industry as a whole.

Senior Marketing Specialists Updates

Stay Sharp for the 4th Quarter

Key Reminders

  • Watch for Special Election Periods during declared natural disasters. 
  • Service Area Reduction Reminder (Page 37): The Service Area Reduction SEP cannot be used until December 8th through the last day of February.   
  • Dual Enrollment 4th Quarter blackout: (select “Dual Election Rules”) Medicare and Medicaid eligible clients, must use AEP as the election for enrollment in 4th quarter. There is a dual enrollment blackout from December 8 – December 31.  
  • Stand Alone PDP: Many Medicare Advantage (MA)-Only plans are being offered in 2021. Members of MA-only coordinated care plans (HMO, POS, PPO) cannot enroll in a stand-alone PDP. If they enroll in a stand-alone PDP, they will be disenrolled from their MA-only coordinated care plan. MA-only plans work great for your veteran clients who have credible drug coverage through their VA insurance coverage.  

Industry Updates

  • 2021 CMS Landscapes – See all MA/PDP/SNP available in each county nationwide.  
  • Medicare Savings Programs – Your clients could be eligible for help from their state with paying Medicare premiums. 
  • Non-Commissionable PDP’s for 2021: Clear Spring, Express Scripts, and Cigna.  
  • The Medicare Cost Sheet is typically released mid-November to mid-December in the Medicare.gov publications portal. 
  • MA and PDP Star Ratings have been announced. Make sure your supplies are updated with the correct star ratings. 
  • IRS 502 Publication – This form details Tax Deductible Medical/Dental Expenses, and can be used to determine what expenses qualify when using a Medical Savings Account (MSA). 
  • Keep an eye out on Extended Release Metformin recalls. 
  • Many Carriers offer extra incentives during Q4, check out our Contests page to plan out the rest of your year! 

Your team is a true team. You help us (and each other) until the outcome is resolved. Always know what you are talking about and can get answers when you aren’t sure. Thank you!

~ Diana F.  


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