Here at SMS, we encourage agents to have a strong online presence. We don’t just mean having a website, either. Senior Marketing Specialists preaches being well-versed in Facebook and LinkedIn as well. We often receive push back, though. This is due to the misconception that seniors aren’t online and, therefore, it won’t matter if an agent puts work into their online presence. Today, we debunk this myth!


Are Seniors Really Online?

If your Aunt Ronda’s daily cat video updates aren’t proof enough that seniors frequent the internet, take a look at the following empirical data.


To take a closer look, view the image in your browser.


There are plenty of reasons you should be online, but one of the most important ones is that your potential clients are searching for your services! The consumer journey no longer starts with your first interaction with a client. It actually begins long before you even know that client exists, with an internet search. Before a client approaches you for help, they (or a family member) are researching coverage options online. Don’t get skipped over because you don’t have an active online presence!


We Can Help Your Online Presence

We know how daunting social media can be, especially if you have never used it. That’s why we have multiple resources to help you learn and perfect marketing yourself online!

Social Media for Agents: This two-part recorded webinar and work book is designed to help you create your unique online brand. Fill out the workbook as you follow along with the videos to start building your brand. You will also find helpful tips on wording, formatting, colors, posts, and more.

Social Media Feedback: Already have a Facebook, LinkedIn, or website? Let SMS give you personalized feedback and tips to make your online presence that much stronger! Contact us today to ask about this free service.

SMS Accounts: Don’t forget to like and connect with Senior Marketing Specialists online for exclusive tips and tricks to keep your web-presence exciting and informative. We encourage agents to adapt or share posts from our Facebook. LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and website to their clients!

New Agent School: Have more in-depth questions or want a more personalized presentation? Attend an SMS New Agent School training day! We cover multiple aspects of Medicare and your business. This includes your online presence! Join the conversation about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website colors and layout, the best job titles, and more! Keep an eye on our calendar for the next New Agent School. We will be adding the 2017 dates soon!


For additional questions, personalized feedback, or to sign up for the next New Agent School, contact us! 800-689-2800



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