The annual UnitedHealthcare administrative fee evaluation period is coming to a close soon. Be sure to review the information in the memo below from UnitedHealthcare to avoid any fees being assessed to you as an agent.

UnitedHealthcare wants fully engaged agents who are excited to understand and meet the needs of Medicare-eligible consumers, and is committed to providing the tools and resources needed for agents to succeed. If you have not sold UnitedHealthcare plans during your evaluation period, you will be charged an administrative fee.

There’s still time to avoid the administrative fee by taking one of these two actions:

Sell at least one UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (MA), Part D plan (PDP) or Medicare Supplement product for plan effective dates of July 1 through April 1.


Move your contract with UnitedHealthcare into Servicing Status (see details below).

Overview of Policy

  • UnitedHealthcare conducts an annual agent sales production evaluation period (based on plan effective dates) from July 1 through April 1 of the following year. Any External Distribution Channel (EDC) agent/agency that has an active agent level contract during the evaluation period, but has not sold at least oneUnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (MA), Part D plan (PDP) or Medicare Supplement product for plan effective dates of July 1 through April 1 will be charged an administrative fee.
  • After this evaluation period, UnitedHealthcare may move to terminate your contract for non-production.
  • If UnitedHealthcare is unable to recover the administrative fee from an agent after 60 days, UnitedHealthcare will charge the agent’s immediate upline for the administrative fee.
  • This administrative fee may be charged each year you certify to sell and fail to meet the qualifications during the annual evaluation period.

Servicing Status Option

If you no longer want to market and sell UnitedHealthcare Medicare products, you can move into servicing status. This protects your current Book of Business (BOB) so you can maintain relationships with members and retain your renewals. For more information on servicing status, please refer to the EDC Agent Guide in Jarvis.

Administrative Fees

    • $150 administrative fee for resident state
    • $100 additional fee for additional state
    • Maximum of $250 per agent per year


To learn more, please read this FAQ.



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