Now that AEP app season (10/15 – 12/7) is almost here, you need to make sure not only that you are certified and have your carrier supplies, but also that one of your most important tools is equipped… your car. Your car is an extension of your office and you, so make sure it’s ready to go with an AEP road kit!


Preparing Your AEP Road Kit

Mike Gattorna, SMS Training Director, shared about his road kit:

“So, here is what I did for many years, along with many other agents I know, to make sure I had what I needed between appointments:

  • Breath mints – no one likes talking to people with bad breath
  • Tide Stick – for when you dribble coffee or some other condiment on yourself
  • Kleenex – for obvious reasons
  • Pain Reliever – it’s never fun to have an appointment with a headache
  • Cough Drops – take care of your throat as you will need to talk to clients
  • Deodorant –some of those seniors like to keep their houses extra warm
  • Any Meds – keep a few extra meds in your car just in case
  • Wet Naps – keep your hands clean for when you shake hands
  • Sanitizer – some of your clients may be under the weather, stay healthy
  • Portable Toothbrush – they have travel, disposable ones that are great for after a good Italian meal with extra garlic
  • Band Aids / First Aid – paper cuts hurt!

I had a small plastic box with a locking lid and usually kept it in arms reach.  Many of these things you can find in the travel section of most big box retailers.”


Additional Tips for Your AEP Road Kit

  • Pack snacks and water for when you don’t have time to stop and eat between appointments.
  • Get a car air freshener to avoid the three-day-old fast food smell.
  • Have a spare change of clothes on hand in case of accidents that are not cured by a Tide Stick.


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