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In this media kit you will find various resources, statistics, and graphics that you can use educate your clients about cancer coverage and promote your cancer plans. For you we will be providing cancer data and statistics along with their respective sources, various web resources to utilize in marketing and engagement efforts along with their proper citation formats, sets of infographics for use online and in print media, and a set of social media post images.

Note: Be sure that whenever you utilize the links to web resources you are using the proper citation and quoting formats to credit the source of the information. We will be providing a standard APA citation beneath each resource for quick reference. The infographic included in this media kit lists the various resources used at the bottom of the page/posts. Please be sure to leave this information present on the materials when utilizing them so that credit is given to the proper organizations. Do not misrepresent data or statistics. Be sure to include necessary context and framing to all statistics and data.

The Facts and Statistics on Cancer

  • Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that if allowed to spread through the body can cause severe medical consequences and even death. There is no cure for cancer, and treatments are often painful and costly.
  • Cancer screenings can reduce the mortality rate of cancer when it is caught early and treatments are less intensive and more often successful. It is important to discuss cancer risks and screenings with your primary care physician or oncologist, especially if you have a family history of cancer or have had cancer in the past.
  • There are various things that can affect a person’s risk of getting cancer. Risks can include various genetic and environmental factors, like age, and family history, obesity, sun exposure, tobacco use and alcohol use. These factors can increase a persons risk of initiating and promoting cancer growth.
  • 1 of every 2 men and 1 of every 3 women will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime.
  • The reality of the impact of cancer is that over 1.9 million cancer cases are expected in the US for the year 2022. Cancer costs are projected to skyrocket to $246 billion in the US by the year 2030. With such a widespread and devastating impact that cancer has on the US every year, finding cancer coverage is becoming even more important.
  • Uninsured individuals are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at later stages when treatment is costly and less successful. Health insurance allows individuals to get regular cancer screenings, reducing the risk of finding out too late. Critical Illness insurance can help those covered relieve the financial pressure of cancer treatments if they are diagnosed.

Data and information collected from the following sources:

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Cancer Facts Infographic Sets

This infographic comes in 3 options.

  • Option A is a tall infographic that can be used on your website or other digital platforms. This is in JPEG format.
  • Option B is broken into various sections and is ideal for social media usage as it is formatted so that the title will be visible when posted as a collage. Please note that this will be downloaded as a ZIP file with JPEGs inside.
  • Option C is a flyer variation of the infographic ideal for printing and giving to prospective clients or sending via email. This is in PDF format.

Option A

Cancer Facts, Cancer Plans Media Kit

Option B

Cancer Facts, Cancer Plans Media Kit

Option C

Cancer Facts, Cancer Plans Media Kit

Cancer Facts Social Media Images

These social media post images are formatted for use with Facebook as of June 2022 but should also be suitable as individual posts for LinkedIn and Instagram.

Be sure to personalize the captions for these images to relate to your company and its overall goal. If you utilize any supporting facts or statistics not already cited, be sure to verify the validity of the claim and correctly state your source.

Mutual of Omaha Provided Resources

Online Resources With Citations

Global Cancer Observatory

Citation: World Health Organization & The International Agency for Research on Cancer. Global Cancer Observatory. Global Cancer Observatory. https://gco.iarc.fr/

Cancer Facts and Figures 2022

Citation: American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2022. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2022.

Article: Lifetime Risk of Developing or Dying From Cancer

Citation: American Cancer Society. (2022, May 12). Lifetime Risk of Developing and Dying from Cancer, American Cancer Society, www.cancer.org/healthy/cancer-causes/general-info/lifetime-probability-of-developing-or-dying-from-cancer.

Article: Understanding Cancer Risk

Citation: Cancer.Net Editorial Board. (2018, March). Understanding Cancer Risk. Cancer.Net. www.cancer.net/navigating-cancer-care/prevention-and-healthy-living/understanding-cancer-risk.

Article: Woldwide Cancer Data

Citation: WCRF International. Worldwide Cancer Data. World Cancer Research Fund International. https://www.wcrf.org/cancer-trends/worldwide-cancer-data/

Article: Financial Toxicity

Citation: Triage Cancer. (2022, January). Financial Toxicity. Triage Cancer. https://triagecancer.org/financial-toxicity


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