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Issue Age: 18-99

Lump Sum payout

Benefit Amount: $5,000 -$75,000

Carcinoma in situ: 25% or 100%

Skin Cancer: $250 -$1,000 ($250 Increments)

5-year Lookback

Height/Weight Chart: Yes

Reoccurrence Rider

0 -2 years = 0%

2 -5 years = 25%

5 -10 years = 75%

10 + years = 100%

Other Riders

Additional Occurrence Benefit

Second Opinion

Cancer Radiation and Chemotherapy Benefit

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Claim Form

When filing the claim you will need to enclose the following documents: 

  • Health Claim form
  • Physicians Statement
  • Original Hopsital Bill (UB-04 Form) which includes service dates
  • Pathology reports which include ICD Codes
  • Surgeons bill which includes surgeon codes
  • Physicians Bills which include:
    • Current Procedural Terminology Codes (CPT Codes) Diagnosis Codes (ICD Codes) , Anesthesiologist Bill for Surgery, Radiation/Chemotherapy Bill which includes: Current Procedural Terminolody Codes (CPT Codes) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding system codes (HCPCS Codes), Ambulance Bill.
Claims Department Contact Information
Attn: Claims Department Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company 
P.O Box 105652 
Atlanta, GA 30348-5652
Fax: (404) 926-4036
Questions Call Claims Department(866) 458-7499 

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