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Issue Age: 18-99

Lump Sum payout (PPS option as well

Benefit Amount: $5,000 -$75,000

Carcinoma in situ -100%

Lookback: 5 years

Height/Weight Chart: None (only if you want HAS)

Reoccurrence Rider

0 -2 years = 0%

2 -5 years = 25%

5 -10 years = 75%

10 + years = 100%

Other Riders

Heart Attack & Stroke

Radiation and Chemotherapy

Return of Premium

Quick Links

Claim Form

Claims Dept: (866) 459-4272

Once the clients calls to file the claim a “claim packet” will be sent out. They require a pathology report as well as an itemized physicians statement.

Mailing Address:

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
PO Box 5700
Scranton, PA 18505-700   

Fax Claims: (877) 826-6237 / Attn: Health and LIfe Claims

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