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Issue Age: 18-90

Lump Sum payout

Benefit Amount: $2,500 -$75,000

Carcinoma in situ: 25%

Experimental Treatment: additional 25%

Genetic Testing: TGen at no cost

Skin Cancer -$500 benefit, payable three times in a lifetime

5-year Lookback

Height/Weight Chart

Other Riders

Benefit Builder

Child Rider (ages 0-18, ends at 25)

Return of Premium

Quick Links

Quick Links

Cancer Claims:

Submit the pathology report diagnosing cancer. This must accompany your initial claim for that diagnosis of cancer. The hospital, doctor or pathology laboratory will furnish this report to you at your request. If the diagnosis of cancer was not made by pathological means, please submit the clinical evidence that established a positive diagnosis of cancer.

Mailing Address:

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance

P.O. Box 1144
Glenview, Illinois 60025

Fax: (847) 699-1048

Email: Claims@gtlic.com

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