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Issue Age: 18-89

Lump Sum payout (PPS option as well

Benefit Amount: $10,000 -$100,000

(Increment Amount: $1,000)

No Carcinoma in situ

Lookback: 10 years

Height/Weight Chart: None (only if you want HAS)

Other Riders

Cash Value Benefit Rider: ages 18 -60

Intensive Care Unit: ages 18 -64

No Skin Cancer –Malignant Melanoma only

Quick Links

Claim Form

Call with date of service, description of what was done and the doctors name and phone number. Pathology report is also sometimes needed.

Lump Sum Service Office – Claims

Phone: 800-775-1000

Fax: 800-294-3717

Email: mooclaims@mutualofomaha.com                                  

Mailing Address3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza Omaha, NE 68175                        

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