The Desire for Home Healthcare

Studies and surveys show that 87% of American seniors would prefer to receive medical treatment at home.


The Benefits of Home Health Care Services

35% of the knee and hip replacement patients who were discharged to their home or received home healthcare were less likely to be institutionalized than in other facility settings.

Patients who received home care services also had a significantly reduced re-admission rate of only 11.8% compared to the 45.9% re-admission rate of those who did not receive home care services.


And What About the Caregivers and the Impact on Their Lives?

More than one in six Americans working full or part time report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend. 70% of working caregivers said it significantly affected their work life and reported work-related difficulties due to their dual care giving roles.


Other Important Facts You Should Know

  • Benefits under most Home Healthcare policies are payable regardless of any other coverage you may have, including Medicare.
  • Hospital stays are getting shorter. More people are recovering at home instead of having extended hospital stays.
  • In many cases, home health care is a cost-effective service, not only for individuals recuperating from a hospital stay but also for those who, because of a functional or cognitive disability, are unable to care for themselves.
  • Estimates indicate that nine to eleven million Americans need home health care services.
  • Home care is the fastest growing segment of the health care industry.


So What Plan Benefits Are Available to Clients?

  • Plans have very low premiums
  • Benefits paid at up to $150 per day
  • A $300 annual prescription drug benefit, which is often equal to or greater than the premium of the entire policy
  • Plans can be issued from ages 41 to 85
  • And minimal underwriting

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Wait, But Doesn’t Medicare Cover Home Healthcare?

Yes, and No…

If your clients have Medicare, they can use their home health benefits if they meet all the following conditions (be prepared this is an extensive list):

  1. Must be under the care of a doctor, and must be getting services under a plan of care established and reviewed regularly by a doctor.
  2. Must need, and a doctor must certify that they need one or more of the following.
    • Intermittent skilled nursing care
    • Physical therapy
    • Speech-language pathology services
    • Continued occupational therapy
  3. The home health agency caring for them must be approved by Medicare (Medicare-certified).
  4. Must be homebound, and a doctor must certify that they are homebound. To be homebound means the following:
    • Leaving the home isn’t recommended because of their condition.
    • Condition keeps them from leaving home without help (such as using a wheelchair or walker, needing special transportation, or getting help from another person).
    • Leaving home takes a considerable and taxing effort. A person may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as attending religious services. They can still get home health care if they attend adult day care, but they would get the home care services in your home.

Eligibility: If your clients meet the conditions above, Medicare pays for covered home health services for as long as they’re eligible and their doctor certifies they are needed. If they need more than part-time or “intermittent” skilled nursing care, they aren’t eligible for the home health benefit. For more information, please download the Medicare Guide, Medicare and Home Health Care.


What isn’t covered by Medicare are things like:

  • Additional medications
  • Additional doctor visits
  • Private duty home care
  • Home modifications like ramps or handrails (stay home longer)
  • Or other non-home care medical costs

In addition to these funds, one specific policy, through Kemper Senior Solutions also includes a Rx Rebate Program which gives your clients up to $300 annually for their prescription drugs in many of the states the product is available in!

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