Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Consumer Mailing Guide

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Consumer Mailing Guide will show you what pieces CMS mails, when they mail them, and what action an individual should take regarding that piece of mail.

This guide is ideal for you to help your clients stay on top of, and appropriately act on, notices and mailers.

It provides you the opportunity to serve as your client’s advisor and can be as simple as a phone call after they’ve received their “Medicare & You” Handbook to see if they have questions over the material. The mailing guide provides crucial dates, such as when a client will receive a “CMS Non-Renewal Reminder Notice”, and can serve as a conversation starter for initiating an appointment to review your clients’ coverage for the upcoming policy year.

CMS Consumer Mailing Guide screenshot

You can find coverage review letters and appointment materials on the Senior Marketing Specialists website under our AEP Toolkit.


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