Medicare and the COVID-19 Vaccination

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched a new Medicare.gov tool to compare nursing home vaccination rates. The goal is to make it easier to check COVID-19 vaccination rates for nursing home staff and residents. This is the latest step by CMS in assisting Medicare beneficiaries to address the complications of Covid.

Be alert for scammers trying to steal your Medicare Number

Medicare covers the vaccine at no cost to youso if anyone asks you for your Medicare Number to get access to the vaccine, you can bet it’s a scam.

Here’s what to know:

  • You can’t pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine. 
  • You can’t pay to get access to a vaccine. 
  • Don’t share your personal or financial information if someone calls, texts, or emails you promising access to the vaccine for a fee.

Scammers may use the COVID-19 public health emergency to take advantage of people while they’re distracted. As always, guard your Medicare card like a credit card, check Medicare claims summary forms for errors. If someone calls asking for your Medicare Number, hang up.

Medicare and COVID-19 Vaccine

You can read more about the vaccine here.

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