Cold Weather Tips

This past week, a large portion of Americans have been under a Winter Weather Advisory, as heavy snowfall and dangerously low temperatures have forced many to stay inside.

We wanted to offer some resources and helpful tips to utilize yourself and also pass along to your senior clients. This is a great time to check in on your elderly clients, to be sure they are safe and well-taken care of.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Seniors are often working with fixed-income, check to see if your low-income clients qualify for Federal assistance with their energy costs. Opting to turn the thermostat down is not a safe alternative in such cold temperatures.

Cold Weather Safety and Hypothermia

Older adults are far more susceptible to Hypothermia, as they can lose body heat rapidly compared to when they were younger.

Prepping for a Winter Storm

The CDC’s tips to getting the home and car prepared in the event of a Winter Storm.

Stay Safe During & After a Storm

The CDC’s guide to heating your home safely, generator usage tips, and help to conserve heat indoors.

Want to learn more about disaster preparedness? Check out our Agency Disaster Preparedness page.

Be sure to check your local City and County assistance programs, Voluntary Action Centers, and even explore options from local utility providers.

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