CSG Actuarial - Shopping Cart Added to E-App!

CSG Actuarial is making it easier than ever for you to cross-sell multiple carriers and plans with the Client Shopping Cart! 

They have developed a universal, multi-carrier, electronic application. This innovative technology allows agents to quote multiple carriers and submit a standardized application on the same platform.


Submit Multiple Applications in One Checkout Process on the CSG Actuarial E-Application Platform!

How It Works:

  1. Run a quote and add multiple products and carriers to a client’s shopping cart.
  2. When a client’s shopping cart is complete, conveniently start the applications in one checkout process.

Applicant information auto-populates in each application for quick and easy submission process.

The E-Application tool:

  • links directly to carriers
  • offers a client shopping cart
  • automatically adjusts applicant’s rate as changes are made to the app
  • CSG’s platform underwrites in real-time
  • let’s agents add their own branding
  •  incorporates several signature methods including applicant verification and an email signature link


CLICK HERE to watch all the E-Application tutorials.


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