We’re taking enrollment to a new level of ease this AEP with the Enrollment Express application platform. Enrollment Express was designed to make your client enrollments quick, painless and CMS compliant. Developed by the same company that runs Medicare.gov’s Plan Finder, Enrollment Express is the perfect way for you to expand your sales reach today!

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Enrollment Express Agent Portal: www.EnrollmentExpress.net


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AEP the smart way, with Enrollment Express

  • Generate personalized quotes Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans
  • Complete the Scope of Appointment (SOA) process in a few short minutes
  • Electronic enrollments are quicker and more accurate, which means less pending apps, more approvals, and faster commissions
  • Multiple methods of enrollment, in person, on the phone, or via email
  • Call Center friendly platform available
  • Manage and track your client enrollments all on one easy to navigate platform
  • Available at no cost to Senior Marketing Specialists contracted agents!


Request Access to Enrollment Express

If you are ready to take your enrollments to the next level of ease by signing up for Enrollment Express, please download and complete the 2021 Plan Year Enrollment Express User/Agent Agreement and return it to Senior Marketing Specialists at 573-875-2778 or email it to admin@smsteam.net.


Important Reminders About Enrollment Express

  • Enrollment Express does not submit Scope of Appointments (SOA) to carriers. Many carriers do not require you submit the SOAs to them, but CMS requires them to be kept by agents for 10 years. However, Cigna MA requires the SOA to be submitted, so when using Enrollment Express, it is important to download the SOA and submit it directly to Cigna.
  • Aetna’s Value Based Enrollments, UnitedHealthcare’s Health Assessment, or Wellcare’s Health Assessment bonus WILL NOT BE available through Enrollment Express enrollments. To take advantage of those bonus programs you must use the carriers enrollment site.
  • User information is loaded to Enrollment Express weekly, and once loaded it can take up to 24 hours for that user data to reflect on the website.
  • Carriers available are: Aetna, CIGNA (MA Only), Humana, Mutual of Omaha, SilverScript/CVS, UnitedHealthcare, and WellCare
  • Agent must be contracted, certified, and Ready to Sell with Senior Marketing and have requested access for that carrier on the User Agreement for it to show on Enrollment Express.
  • Prior to setup, any Broker must be contracted with Senior Marketing Specialists with at least one of the following carriers: Aetna, CIGNA (MA Only), Humana or UnitedHealthcare, otherwise they will only have access to quoting
  • If a carrier has a contest using their own e-app, you must use their e-app. Enrollment express will not track or count towards that contest or incentive.
  • Cigna does not pay commissions on Part D enrollments, only on MAPD enrollments, therefore PDP plans will not be available to enroll.
  • Wellcare is not allowing enrollments on outside enrollment platforms this year. Enrollment Express will only quote Wellcare plans for 2021.
  • When enrolling a client non face-to-face, use the “send quote feature” to email or text the plan information and enrollment tools. Do not attempt to use screen share technology and complete the application from your own computer/tablet.

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