As a licensed sales agent, your job is to help others feel protected and secure knowing you will be there for the next chapter of their insurance journey. If your energy is spent feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or stressed you are likely not servicing your clients to the best of your abilities. By examining your business systems, you can confidently bring joy back into your work environment and enhance your community influence. Stepping back and taking a detailed look at each step of your process allows you to fall back in love with your agency.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas to evaluate your systems and processes.

Think of each process like cleaning out a closet. If you were to go through your clothing, you would pull everything out of the closet, put it into a pile on your bed, pick each piece up, then decide if it still holds relevance. Each process should be examined in a similar fashion.

Write each step of the process down on a sticky note, placing the notes in chronological order.

Evaluate each step with questions such as:

  • Is this step necessary?
  • Is this step worth the time and effort?
  • Do additional steps need to be added or taken away
  • What is the value of this step?
  • Can a step be outsourced or given to someone else
  • Do documents have a designated location so if you were to retire or pass on your business to another person the documents can easily be found?
  • How does this step make the client feel?
  • Does this step enhance your brand?

Once you have taken a deep dive into the process, put the steps back in order.

You may find it helpful to create “keep”, “outsource”, “add”, and “take away” piles. Once the process is finalized, diagram or lay out each step of your process so that an admin, downline agent, or successor to your business can easily take over that process. Keep your process in a safe place where a beneficiary can easily access it.

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