Covering Hospital Stays

When reviewing Medicare Advantage plans with your clients, usually one of the largest co-payments will be in-patient hospitalizations.

Rather than gloss over the co-payments, you can offer your clients the ability to cover the co-payment with the addition of a “hospital benefit”, or a hospital indemnity plan (HIP).

These plans pair great with a MA plan and can give your clients the reassurance and reduce the stress of hospital stays.

How can you do this?

MAKE it SIMPLE for both you and your clients


Presenting HIP

When you are reviewing the summary of benefits with your clients and you are discussing the in-patient hospital stay, you can say something like the following:

“This plan has a hospital co-payment of $X for days X-X. We can add a hospital benefit to this that will cover some or all the co-payment. We can review that benefit at the end, okay?”

What the above does:

  • Passively lets clients know there is a hospital benefit
  • Sets the stage for the review of the benefit at the end of the summary of benefits
  • Allows the client to choose additional coverage, and not feel forced


Letting Your Client Decide

Much of buyers remorse happens when the client feels pressured into making a decision. You want the client to build the coverage they want, with your expert guidance.

NOTE: Your clients who had group coverage in the past are used to having options. Don’t do your clients a disservice by not allowing them to choose what coverage options they could have.

At the end of the summary of benefits, you can say:

“I mentioned earlier you have the option off adding a hospital benefit. This benefit will cover $X per day, days X-X. It is an additional $X per month if you wanted to add it.”

If they want the coverage, complete the app. If not, simply say:

“Okay. If you choose later on to add it, just let me know. Of course, you cannot add it while you are in the hospital, kind of like adding car insurance to a vehicle after you hit a tree.”


Is It That Simple?

Yes. Yes it is. Confused minds don’t buy and people in general will avoid complex processes.

Of course, you can change the verbiage from this guide to suit your style and techniques, but the important thing is to let your clients know all their options from you and not another agent or advertisement.

It’s about giving your clients the options and service they deserve.

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