If you have a Facebook Business page, you’re most likely in one of the 5 Stages of Social Media Marketing: Excitement, Confusion, Confidence, Frustration, and Accomplishment. While we may have made the stages up, we feel many of our agents fall into these categories at one time or another while managing a Facebook Business page.  Fortunately, there are many things you can do on and offline to reach your Facebook marketing goals! To help get you out of a “follower crisis,” Senior Marketing Specialists put together some advanced, but doable, Facebook tips for you to try out. Every business is different, so don’t get discouraged when these Facebook tips don’t produce overnight results. Instead, make a schedule, stick with it, and remember: You’ll get out what you put in.


7 Advanced Facebook Tips to Cure Your Follower Crisis

Online Tips

Start Promoting

There are two popular ways to promote your business straight from your page!


Facebook Ads show up in the right sidebar of the newsfeed.


Boosted Posts show up in the newsfeed as an actual post.

Each of these methods costs money, but the amount of money you put into it is up to you! Depending on how many people you wish to reach and how long you want your ad or boosted post to run, your cost could be anywhere from $15 to $500. Boosting a post is a great alternative to mailers and lead drops!


Hosting a Facebook contest is a fantastic way to increase likes, shares, and overall page traction. All good contests have one thing in common: An intriguing incentive! This could be a number of things. If you want a top-dollar prize go for an iPad or gift certificates to a fancy restaurant. If you want something a little less flashy, try a $5 gift card to a coffee shop or a free publication. Here are some contest ideas to get you started:

  • “Everyone who shares this page before February 10th will get entered into a drawing for an iPad Air!”
  • “Every person who likes AND comments on this post by Noon tomorrow will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card! Share with your friends!”
  • “Flash Freebie: Each person who shares our business page in the next 3 hours will receive a free Medication Tracker!”
  • “The first person to like, comment, and share this post will receive an $80 gift certificate to McCormick & Schmick’s!”

Notice the time frame on each example. It’s important to set an end time for your contest so your followers know the deal isn’t available forever! Additionally, if you only have one winner, remember to congratulate them in a post and remind everyone what they won.

Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is where all your page data can be found. Analytics from a variety of angles is organized here for you to see and monitor. You can find out how well your posts are doing, when and how many people liked your page, how much interaction you get on your page from day to day, and other valuable information! Insights are important so you can see where your page is lacking and make efforts to improve. Additionally, you may notice trends in popularity. This tells you what types of posts your followers respond to best!

Create Events

Whether you are hosting an in-person event or doing a virtual meeting (think webinar or Facebook live) create a Facebook event! You can invite who ever you want, share links and followups to the event page, and it will show up as a local event for those in your area! Encourage followers to share your events and don’t forget to share other local events as well. Even if you do not go to every event you share, your followers and their friends will see you care about your community.


Offline Tips

Business Card Revamp

If your business card doesn’t currently feature the Facebook logo, your clients won’t know you’re there! Consider updating your business card to show you are online.

Email Campaign

Take advantage of your client and professional contacts with an e-blast! Come up with a short and exciting message that introduces your new Facebook Business page. Encourage these contacts to like and follow your business page for interesting articles, important information, a other fun material. If you like, you can also incorporate a contest.


Or you can simply ask others to like your business page. Start with your clients. When you wrap up an appointment, simply tell them about your page and request that they check it out. You may be surprised at how many seniors whip out their smart phones and do it on the spot! To go a step further, ask if you can share about your meeting on Facebook and tag them in your post. Of course, don’t include any specific information and only post their name and picture if they consent to it. This way, their friends will also be exposed to your page.


Before you forever doom yourself to the Frustrated stage of Social Media Marketing, try a few of these Facebook tips. With enough enthusiasm and effort, we think you’ll start to see results. If not, give us a call! We’ll help you get to the bottom of your follower crisis.



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