AEP starts this Saturday, October 15th! In preparation, many of our agents are asking us how to tell whether their client needs a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement. Unfortunately, because every client’s situation is different, we can’t give you a formula. But we can give you a list of some of our favorite fact finding questions to help you better understand your clients’ needs.


Our Favorite Fact Finding Questions

Remember to use this list only as a guide as these questions are by no means exhaustive. We encourage you to ask follow up and probing questions to get the best idea of your client’s situation!

  1. How long have you had your current policy? Why did you buy it?
  2. Are you in good health or do you have chronic conditions?*
  3. What prescription drugs do you take regularly and how much do they cost?*
  4. How much do you travel? Where do you tend to go?*
  5. Which doctors do you see regularly and for what kind of care? How do you feel about switching doctors?*
  6. Are you eligible for health care coverage other than Medicare? Will you keep it when you retire?*
  7. How much did you spend on health care last year?*
  8. How much do you expect to spend on health care this year?*
  9. How does health care fit into your budget? Will you need financial assistance with Medicare premiums?*
  10. What funds do you have in place to cover unexpected hospital bills?

Based on your knowledge of Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage, these fact finding questions, and others like them, should help you find a plan that makes both you and your client happy. If you are unsure about how to use these questions effectively, let us know! We have a team of experts that can direct you to our multiple resources, walk you through differences between products, or even demonstrate a mock presentation. Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.


For additional inquiries, fact finding questions, or more information about SMS, contact us! 800-689-2800


Wondering about the asterisks?

*These questions were adapted from Learning the basics of Medicare, a Medicare Made Clear presentation brought to you by UnitedHealthcare.

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