Getting Started with Home Healthcare

As an agent in the senior insurance market, what does home healthcare mean for your business?

The Benefits of Home Healthcare Services

35% of the knee and hip replacement patients who were discharged to their home or received home healthcare were less likely to be institutionalized than in other facility settings.

The Desire for Home Healthcare

Studies and surveys show that 87% of American seniors would prefer to receive medical treatment at home.

Patients who received home care services also had a significantly reduced re-admission rate of only 11.8% compared to the 45.9% re-admission rate of those who did not receive home care services.

And What About the Caregivers and the Impact on Their Lives? 

More than one in six Americans working full or part time report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend. 70% of working caregivers said it significantly affected their work life and reported work-related difficulties due to their dual care giving roles.


What Plan Benefits Are Available to Clients?

  • Plans have very low premiums
  • Benefits paid at up to $150, $300, or even $450 per day (depending on plan choice)
  • A $300 annual prescription drug benefit, which is often equal to or greater than the premium of the entire policy
  • Plans can be issued from ages 61 to 85
  • Minimal underwriting

The easiest way to close a sale is right after a successful sale. Use these helpful Transition Phrases to move from your Medicare close into an additional home healthcare sale.

  1. “I am going to ask you some questions that may sound a little bit different.  I’m doing this to make sure we have all of your concerns covered as Medicare may not provide coverage for certain situations and I don’t want you to be surprised should that happen.”
  2. “I am going to ask you some questions about topics that may be uncomfortable and not very enjoyable to talk about, but as your agent, it is my job to have these uncomfortable discussions NOW so that if or when any of these things should happen to you in the future, you are prepared for them, covered for any expenses they may present, and you are as comfortable as you can be THEN.”

Objection 1: I don’t have the money / I can’t afford that.

Rebuttal: I understand that money can be tight, but if it is difficult to come up with $30-$50 in premium each month, just think how difficult it would be if you had to pay for your own home care should you not be able to care for yourself. Now wouldn’t you be much more comfortable knowing that you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for any of those additional costs or that you don’t have to worry about finding a family member to help care for you?

Objection 2: Well I’m in good health now and don’t need that, maybe I’ll consider it later.

Rebuttal: And hopefully you stay in good health, but you never know when something can happen and you aren’t able to safely care for yourself at home. Whether after a hospital stay or a new health condition arises. And, unfortunately, if that were to happen then it would be too late to get this coverage and you would be forced to pay for any of the necessary care out of your own pocket. Now why don’t we go ahead and get you approved now.

Objection 3: What if I don’t ever need to use the plan?

Rebuttal: Well of course we hope that is the case, but as you get older the chances of needing some type of assisted care increases. And all of my clients who have had this plan and have had to file a claim because they home care have been so glad they were covered and didn’t have to go to a facility or nursing home to receive that care. They have thanked me for their coverage when they get a check from the company to cover their bills. I would much rather have my clients telling me that, then that had bills waiting for they could have avoided.

On every appointment for the next month MAKE SURE to use a transition phrase or introduction to the product. After one month this will become habit. Just see how many extra sales you’ve made. You might be surprised.

Need training on home healthcare, the products, and how to offer it to your clients? Check out the Home Healthcare Courses on SMS-University.

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