In our previous article, Your Clients Want and Need Home Healthcare Coverage, we established that there is a high demand for Home Healthcare coverage, and somewhere in the ballpark of 87% of American seniors would prefer to receive medical treatment at home.

Not only that, but more than one in six Americans working full or part time report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend. 70% of working caregivers said it significantly affected their work life and reported work-related difficulties due to their dual care giving roles.


The Next Step as an Agent

So as an agent in the senior insurance market, what does that mean for your business. If 87% of your current block of business wants access to Home Healthcare coverage, can you count on your fingers how many policies you have sold? Well we’re here to help with that, so lets get to it.

First off, make sure you have the top Home Healthcare products and carriers in your portfolio. Click here if you need help with this step. Now, lets move on to the sales appointment.


The Sales Appointment

You’re already in the home, office, or where ever it is you take your appointments. You’ve made a successful Medicare Supplement (or Advantage) sale. You pack up, silently celebrate on the way to your car and go on about your day. Nope, not anymore!  The easiest way to close a sale is right after a successful sale. Use these helpful Transition Phrases to move from your Medicare close into an additional Home Healthcare sale.

  1. “I am going to ask you some questions that may sound a little bit different.  I’m doing this to make sure we have all of your concerns covered as Medicare may not provide coverage for certain situations and I don’t want you to be surprised should that happen.”
  2. “I am going to ask you some questions about topics that may be uncomfortable and not very enjoyable to talk about, but as your agent, it is my job to have these uncomfortable discussions NOW so that if or when any of these things should happen to you in the future, you are prepared for them, covered for any expenses they may present, and you are as comfortable as you can be THEN.”

Taking Action – A Game Plan to Get You Started

1. | Get Contracted if you haven’t already.

2. | Order supplies and make sure your login to the SMS Quote Engine is active.

3. | Have your presentation, transitions, rebuttals, and other sales pieces ready to go.

4. | The Get Started Slow and Easy Method – On every appointment for the next month MAKE SURE to use a transition phrase or introduction to the product. After one month this will become habit. Just see how many extra sales you’ve made. You might be surprised.

4.1 | The Hit the Ground Running Method – Schedule a strategy session with your Sales Director, be sure to inquire about mailers and letters to use with your existing clients. Or click here to request our pre-made Home Healthcare introduction letter along with information on the top Home Healthcare products.

Tip: Hand address envelopes are much more likely to get opened and try using a blue or non-black colored ink for extra attention.

Then, mail said clients. Consider all leads hot when they return because (1) they already have a relationship with you, and (2) well, they said they were interested. The best way to convert these leads into sales is a knock on the door with the returned card in hand, but a skilled sales agent could also do well with a nicely versed phone call. Ask your Sales Director for more tips and tricks to closing the sale.

To request a strategy session with your Sales Director click here  or give us a call at 1-800-689-2800. Good Luck and Happy Selling!



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