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Week of April 3, 2017

tmbubble  Impressive AARP On-Line Tools

AARP provides many tools that you and your clients can utilize. The following list shows just how comprehensive they are.

Health Tools
Drug Interaction Checker
Pill Identifier Tool
Health Encyclopedia Tool
Symptom Checker Tool
Drug Lookup Tool
Medicare Summary Notice Decoder

Home & Family Tools
Caregiving Resource Center
Caregiving Question and Answer Tool
Long Term Care Cost Calculator
Caregiving Resource Center – State-by-State Guide
State-by-State Advance Directives

Money Tools
AARP Benefits QuickLINK
Credit Card Payoff Calc
Retirement Calculator
Health Care Costs Calculator
Home Budget Calculator Tool
Net Worth Calculator

Work & Retirement
Retirement Calculator
Social Security Benefits Calculator
Health Care Costs Calculator
Social Security QA Tool

These and Many More Tools Are Available Here:

Why is this important? Your ability to offer products that are endorsed by the AARP brand is a huge privilege and should be one of the most valued assets you have in your insurance business. Learn how to make the most of association benefits.

Reminder: Free membership is available to UHC agents of all ages. Visit and navigate to the AARP Membership page to sign up.

tmbubble Fact Sheets Full of Information about Deciding on When to Enroll Into Medicare

CMS Fact Sheet: Deciding Whether to Enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B When You Turn 65

This fact sheet will help you:

1) Determine your Initial Enrollment Period
2) Decide whether to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B when you turn 65
3) Find out how to sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B (or opt out of Part B)

CMS Fact Sheet: Medicare Decisions for Those Over 65 and Planning to Retire in the Next 6 Months

This fact sheet will help you:

1) Decide whether to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B when you retire (if you haven’t already)
2) Decide whether you need additional coverage (Medicare Advantage, Medigap)
3) Decide whether you need Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D)

Why is this important? Deciding on enrollment into Medicare can be complicated by group coverage, VA benefits, Cobra, Tricare, Etc. These fact sheets help you navigate through the maze.

For an on-the-go and printable version, try the talkingMEDICARE Dowloadable Edition