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News to Use for Agents in the Senior Market

A Publication of Senior Marketing Specialists
Week of March 20, 2017

tmbubble  Watching Generic Drugs

Generic prescription drugs are lower-cost alternatives to brand name drugs. They use the same active ingredients as their brand name counterparts and work the same way. According to the FDA, generic drugs are the same as brand name drugs in safety, strength, quality, the way they work, how they’re taken and the way they should be used.

Some key drugs set to lose their patent in 2017:
Invanz, Vytorin, Cancidas, Cubicin, Somavert, Relpax, Viagra, Sandostatin LAR, Reyatz, Strattera, Copaxone, Effient, Velcade, Sustiva, Norditropin SimpleXx, Viread, Pristiq and Cialis.

Upon loss of a patent a company losses exclusivity and you’ll often find them in court, fighting to block the arrival of generics and to prolong the period of exclusivity.


FDA New and Generic Drug Approvals:

Anticipated Availability of First-Time Generics – Pharmacist’s Letter:

FDA – Understanding Generic Drugs:

Medicare Publication – “How Medicare Prescription Drug Plans & Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug Coverage (MA-PDs) Use Pharmacies, Formularies, & Common Coverage Rules”

Why is this important? Often your clients might not even know they have a generic option available. Generic drugs can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Among other things many of these funds can be redirected into building more comprehensive benefit packages for your clients.

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