As an insurance agent, your first priority should be your clients’ well-being. And for those that have an office, this space plays a huge part in making sure clients feel comfortable and welcomed. While it’s easy to get distracted by production and retention goals, casting client needs aside will eventually harm these goals rather than help them.


Why is a client-friendly office important?

You are in your office day in and day out. You’re used to it! This means it is more difficult for you to notice when something is outdated or dirty. Remember that your clients are only in your office once or twice a year, which means they will easily catch on to anything that is sub par. It is especially important to take a critical look at your office space when it comes to welcoming new clients. First impressions are more than your handshake and smile; from the moment your clients pull into the parking lot, they are judging your professionalism, customer service, and more.


How do I make my office more client-friendly?

To make your office more welcoming to clients, you must experience your office from their perspective. Think about going to the dentist or doctor. What do you expect from that experience? Do you want the building to be easy to find? Do you expect comfortable seating? Maybe you want something to drink while you wait. Your clients expect the same when they step into your office. To help you get into your clients’ shoes, check out the do’s and don’ts of a creating a client friendly office.



  • Make building signage visible and clear from the street
  • Promptly and politely greet guests
  • Have a designated waiting area
  • Offer guests water or coffee
  • Provide magazines and other reading material
  • Have music or a television playing
  • Make all sales and prospecting materials cohesive
  • Have a clean and tidy desk



  • Have overgrown trees, shrubbery, or grass
  • Make guests climb stairs to enter the building
  • Make the rest of the office visible from the waiting area (clients don’t need to see the hustle and bustle of what goes on behind the scenes)
  • Have a dirty water cooler or coffee maker
  • Have outdated artwork
  • Subject clients to a noisy work environment
  • Have outdated, dirty, or sloppily displayed magazines
  • Give clients inaccurate or outdated sales materials


These are just a few things to get you thinking about what your clients may experience at your office. Other things to consider are making sure your office smells pleasant, the air vents are dust free, and bathrooms are easy to find and access.

Remember that most of you clients are elderly. Physical tasks that may be simple for you are sometimes more difficult for seniors to accomplish. (Think: seeing, walking, opening doors, standing, etc.) Just be cognizant and aware of that! You are now prepared to see your office in a new light (psst… maybe you should change that flickering light bulb)!


For additional ideas on how to make your office more client-friendly, contact us! 800-689-2800.

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