Of the hoards of marketing tactics, some agents swear by mailer leads. If this is an option you are interested in trying, there are a few things to consider! Let Senior Marketing Specialists help you choose the right company, walk you through the process, and supply you with some additional tips for capitalizing on the leads you already have.


Ordering Leads

Before you order your leads, there are a few things you have to figure out. Here is the process we suggest.

  1. Develop Your Marketing Plan

Think about your monthly and yearly goals to determine how many leads you need. Then narrow down which markets and businesses you work in or wish to work in. An additional thought is whether you should add a younger demographic to your aging client base.

  1. Select the Message

Select a message that best fits your selling style. Between the numerous lead vendors, pre-approved carrier pieces, and custom postcards and flyers we can provide, there are a number of proven messages for you to utilize.

  1. Choose Your Target

There are several ways for you to determine the best list of prospects to use for your selected program. What product are you selling? What are the income demographics in your area? Is there a specific age group of individuals where rates are more competitive? We can help you narrow down your target market with demographics, carrier rates, discounts, market saturation, etc.

  1. Start Your Campaign

Depending on what media you choose for your lead campaign, your leads could start coming in immediately or it could take up to several weeks. Make sure you are prepared to handle leads immediately as them come in. The older and colder a lead gets the more likely it is that another agent has taken care of that client’s needs.


Who to Order Leads From

Precise Leads

Get up to $500 lead bonus on your first funding for leads! The leads from Precise Leads are generated by consumers who are looking for insurance and have completed an online application. They are expecting to be contacted by an agent or agents who can provide them with quotes.

ARM Leads

ARM direct mail house has special pricing for SMS contracted agents. Â Multiple lead cards to choose from, included combo cards for Medicare supplement and final expense. Please note: Due to a postage increase, the new price is $435 per 1,000. Please disregard the pricing on the linked order form.

Target Leads

Target Leads has special pricing for mail order campaigns with national averages reaching past 4%!

Lead Concepts

Lead Concepts Inc. has marketing lists available for agents with the option of “scrubbing” for phone numbers (DNC compliant).
Min order of $50 – Each name is $.065 ($65 per 1000 names).

Legacy Safeguard

United of Omaha has developed an industry leading Final Expense lead solution with Lead Concepts that includes discounted pricing and multiple lead types.

Monumental Life also features a Legacy Safeguard leads program. No Commission Reduction, FREE Membership in Legacy Safeguard, No POS Interview, Exclusive Territory, Lead Liaison… All you could ask for in a lead program and so much more!

Contact us today to get contracted and start using the Legacy Safeguard system.

Transameria Solution Program

Transamerica’s company-sponsored & supported direct mail program with discounted Final Expense Leads for only $330 per 1,000 pieces mailed!


Using Leads You Already Have

If you have prospects who have not purchased from prior meetings (sometimes called cold leads or “B” leads), there are several effective ways to stay in their ear should their situation change.

If you have a newsletter, make sure to tell all your prospects and client about it so they can take part.
Have them opt in with an email address or mail them a physical copy.

A Follow-Up Call
A simple follow-up call is another effective way to check-in on prospects. Let your prospects know at initial appointments that you reach out to every client from time to time to check in. Mentioning market changes is also a great way keep the lines of communication open.

A Simple, Effective Email

Subject: Your Insurance Coverage
Email Body: Hi (client name), I wanted to check in with you to see if you still need help with your insurance?

This simple email is very effective for two reasons:

  1. It is easy to read. There is little to no thinking or effort for the client to receive the message.
  2. There is a clear call to action.

Will everyone open the email? Not likely. Will everyone reply? No. However, the clients who need help will have a clear and simple way of contacting you by email or phone.


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