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It’s a great feeling to be all done with a successful appointment. You had a great conversation, put your clients’ in a plan that matches their needs, and departed feeling like you have some great new clients.

What about the next day? That next week? Are your clients still comfortable with their decision? How do you know?

medicare client retention

Retention of current clients starts prior to leaving the initial appointment, especially during AEP. While your clients can think to themselves, “great, I got that done!” they are not immune to all the other ads still running through December 7th and beyond. They will still see the ads on television, social media, email, mailers, billboards, and most importantly, their family and friends who may have enrolled in other plans and defend their decision on why they chose their plan.

Your clients need to know what happens next.

Not only with the usual “you should get a welcome kit in about a week and your new insurance cards a week or two after,” rather what happens to your communication? When are they going to hear from you next?

If there is no expectation to hear from you again, two major things may happen:

    1. They will rely on the carrier for all their questions and answers. While this can be useful as they may have questions only the carrier can answer, this also gets you further from their mind, and when it comes time to change plans, you will be nothing but a distant memory to them.
    2. When you do contact them several months down the road, they may just assume you are trying to sell them something. 

“But that won’t happen to me! I’m different!” That is said by every insurance agent that I know. They think one great conversation can sustain a relationship for a year or longer, but it won’t.

Think about your auto insurance agent (or company). When they reach out, it is either for generic policy updates or to sell you more coverage. That is what people are used to when it comes to interacting with insurance companies and people. It is up to you to set a new standard.

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