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There you are, in front of your computer, wrapping up a day where a prospect turned into a client. The appointment went smoothly, and you felt as if the client really appreciated your advice and guidance. The application has been submitted, all your notes are in the CRM, and now time for those referrals to start rolling in.

But they do not refer you. In fact, you do not hear from that client ever again. What gives?

Medicare Referrals

This happens more than not. Through the eyes of an agent, enrolling someone in a Medicare plan might as well come with a superhero cape. For clients, it might have been the equivalent of a pleasant DMV experience. No one goes to the DMV just to “hang out.” People go to take care of what needs to be done and leave. The same experience they have when buying insurance. “I need insurance. I need to talk to someone. Oh, here is someone. Done.”

So, how are agents getting referrals? Here are two things you can start doing now…

1.  You educate your clients on the bad.

Many insurance agents tend to tell their clients all the positives about a plan. This, in their mind, keeps the client happy about all the coverage they will get. Telling them the downsides could make them second guess the policy and not buy. This works until your client experiences one of those downsides and the relationship you thought you had blows up in your face. Now they may have feelings of being lied to. Technically, you didn’t lie, you simply omitted the negatives.  

Educating your clients about the downsides of a policy actually enforces your professionalism. Yes, the downside may be negative, but not telling your clients is far worse.


2. You give your clients resources that don’t involve their checkbook.

How many resources do you give to your clients in an average appointment? 1? 2? 0? If the answer is 0, then in the eyes of many clients, you may be nothing more than an insurance salesperson. When you start to offer resources to help your clients, such as disease-specific organizations or local non-profits, then you are expressing to your clients you are a resource and not just an expense.  

Every client should get at lease one resource per appointment. This is what many clients will tell their friends about. 

Start with those two and you will start paving the path to more referrals!

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