Medicare Café - Is Your CRM Ready for AEP?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of tracking interactions with clients and prospects through a software program.

Your CRM is arguably the most important piece of software your company will own. It houses client information and helps you keep track of leads. Without a solid CRM foundation, managing leads can be a cumbersome process and even cause you to lose potential sales!


“But I don’t have a CRM!”

If you don’t have a CRM, this is step one. With the vast number of clients and prospects you interact with, keeping track of them is what separates struggling agents from successful ones.

Not sure which one to use? Give us a call and we can match you up to an appropriate CRM based on your needs and budget.

“I have a CRM!”


Here are the top 3 questions you should be asking yourself.

    • “Is my CRM organized?”

By organized, we mean can you extract the information from it that you need. 

Example: Can you pull a list of clients and prospects who have a certain plan in your area? If there is a shift in coverage with a carrier or a major employer group plan in your area, can you quickly reply to the clients and prospects affected? If you cannot, time to start getting organized!

    • “Am I putting in all the data I need?”

Your CRM can be your second brain when it comes to working with your clients and prospects. 

Example: When you receive an email or phone call from a client, how can you ensure a more meaningful conversation? Make sure you are putting personalized notes in your CRM such as “has a dog named Fido” so when you are speaking to your client you can ask how Fido is doing and make that generic insurance call more meaningful.

    • “Am I using all the features of my CRM?”

Does your CRM send automated emails to clients and prospects? Can you see when the last time you interacted with that client? While some CRM platforms may not have this ability, if yours does and you are not using it, you are making more work for yourself!

Make sure your CRM is up to date prior to AEP so you can map out your marketing strategy and contact plan to launch October 1st!

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